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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Another sub Kinky Newbie. Jan 13, 7 11 3 Online. Will you let them shit on your face, pee down your throat, or cut you with a knife? Either way, it can be a turn off. I admit that I have — now, after years of knowing John Brownstone and understanding our own limits. You have no idea what a Dominant might ask of you.

My Dominant friends usually ask not seriously if that particular submissive is willing to cut off their own finger for them. Be shocked, no one has taken them up on their offer. Now, in fairness, this example is during a munch or some other social outing.

Good for you. Credit: Kayla Lords. Nov 1, 35 I would add submissives who in great detail explain exactly what they're expecting you to do for them. It's always always something sexual in nature and communicates perfectly both desperation and that they likely will not follow through.

They don't care at all about you and are completely inside of their own head. They're likely the type who would complain about how you did it. These are likely the same submissives who end up just paying for the experience after spamming all dominants for weeks or months about the request. Reactions: Another sub and droptokon. May 19, 2, 2, Outback, somewhere in WA. Great post, thank you! I hope everyone re this and has a good think about how they behave with others and in person.

Reactions: Another sub. Apr 13, I agree with what has been said above and would like to add some based on my perspective however the below are merely my opinions and may not be true for all. Even when in a committed but new relationship, submission takes time to be naturally given and if the sub shows over-submission this early, it does seem to be a roleplay rather than for real and is annoying, all relationships and bonds take time to form including a submissive and a dominant mindset.

I feel a sub should reciprocate the care and be grateful and appreciative for the efforts the dominant puts rather than burdening them with expectations. Domination is a big responsibility and an investment of time and effort of the dom me in a sub and the sub should feel secure about the dom not leaving them at their whims and fancies unless they give reason to the sub to believe otherwise.

Getting too possessive when your partner forms other friendships early on in an online relationship hinders growth. Trust takes time to build but raising doubts every time may make the dom me feel that their efforts aren't being recognised. Lastly topping from the bottom and trying to manipulate the dom me or to tell or demand to the dom me exactly what they should do turns me off as it reduces the role of the dom me who should be the partner with an upper hand to a service provider meant to help you get off, of course this should not be confused with wanting a sub with no voice, inputs are required in the beginning and a lot also depends on how acquainted the sub and dom are with each other and their personal rapport and chemistry.

Last edited: Jan 30, Click to expand Reactions: Jennybar , Humili8edDiaperGirl and zsadist. That can be easily misread though. It's possible the sub is just trying to communicate what they think about, especially on a web forum or over the internet, the inflection behind the text is often invisible. It should be expected that the sub has kinks of one sort or another. Maybe they just haven't found a way to communicate very effectively what they're talking about.

Actually I'm a bit at a loss for what subs should talk about in their opener. Ideally it'd be more about trying to get to know the potential dominant. I think they sow confusion by demanding submission immediately, and demanding to know what the submissive wants immediately.

That's probably part of the issue. Reactions: LonelyMilf31 , droptokon and Another sub. Yes agreed, there is a line though between being clear about your likes and describing a detailed scene where the dom is supposed to just fill in a few details but stick to the sub's script. Things like, "I'm looking for a dom who will tie me up and play with my tits then paddle my ass before fucking me silly", no real doubt about who is giving the orders right?

Honestly for me the most useful opening posts or messages are the ones that contain information about the sub, background, experience having none isn't a problem but it needs to be known , physical ability and fitness level, living situation and being up front about how much actual time you have to give. And this is where my advice given plenty of times elsewhere about posting lots so people get to know you and what you are like before that first message is even sent comes in.

This is especially helpful in regards to the findoms, if you wait a while to see what kind of posts they make, or if they get banned it will save you that nasty experience. So rushing a quick message to a newly registered dom will most likely not help you find someone, in fact it could put them off. Which brings us neatly back to the topic! Reactions: Humili8edDiaperGirl and nina. Aug 25, 29 4 3. I'm a male submissive to females for sexual pleasure only. I enjoy role playing, I am not really submissive!

If you call me to bring over my car so you can use it for a while, Nope! Nor will I come over and wash your windows. I would imagine there are not to many "Real life subs" who will donate their time and money to another person just cause they like them, that is called marriage and I do that for my wife. I would think finding a true Sub who donates to you could be an interesting find, but I wonder if you don't have to be careful about what you wish for.

Reactions: Humili8edDiaperGirl. I guess this is something else that I find a problem, what you're describing is how I define the difference between a sub and a slave. Of course there are naturally submissive people who tend comply with whatever they are told and do get taken advantage of especially in domestic situations. Which brings us back to the topic of things that turn off Doms, don't make out you are available all the time if you're not.

All that does is create frustration at unanswered messages, being honest about how much time you have will lead to trust which is the only way a relationship will build. I'm just ask thinking about how that persons fares in these relationships, that persons welfare out of marriage , and how fragile a person that might be.

As for wives, yes I can see that. I know or rather knew a woman, some years back, she is older, maybe late 70s now. She was his total slave. She had to ask permission to pee and on occasion he refused to give it to her and she would be punished for wetting the floor. She was called "A cum bucket" and was used by his friends as he wished. Last I heard from her he was in a wheel chair from illness.

This is something I see quite a lot and it always makes me smile, someone who posts a long list of exactly what they want to happen, where and when etc. I really don't see the point if the sub is directing the traffic, lol Last edited: Feb 22, Reactions: droptokon and Humili8edDiaperGirl. You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Share Link. Featured Thre. Started by yoursforeverandalways Wednesday at PM Replies: 7. Request Dares or Tasks.

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