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Forum Rules. for FREE! Remember Me? What's New? Last Jump to : 1 to 25 of Thread: The Chaturbate thread. Pay days on Payoneer are loaded like days after that. Its pretty much the same site as Chaturbate. You can have one app and 3 bots running They include things like highest tipper Tip Goal King making a token goal that auto-updates for you. Chaturbators and Exhibitionist. Its a green highlight that pops up in the chat room that looks similar to tip notifications -The token tip highlight is yellow -New Broadcaster Tag only last 7 days from as soon as you are verified.

Last edited by PhatGirlDynomite!!! Originally Posted by BombshellBelle. Always dress like you're going to bump into the woman seeing the man who broke your heart. Originally Posted by sexyadrienne. Originally Posted by IvyAdams. You're a sip of fine champagne darling, and the guys who deserve to taste you should be able to buy the whole glass. Reply With Quote. Re: Should we have a general Chaturbate thread? I'm new here, so I'm not sure how much my vote is worth, but I'd definitely appreciate a CB thread, thanks!!!

Why not? After all, Chaturbate is a camsite, right? And it has its own ups and downs and tricks. Having more organized info on it won't hurt. I am all for it. I haven't cammed on Chaturbate since August or September so it would be nice to read about how things are currently. Start one Snowy I think that site may have actually improved some since it's rocky startup, and I notice they have fixed the site where you have to provide identification now. I went on there and made tokens and I don't do well on most token based sites. I'm considering trying it again next week.

Chaturbate is also the only site where I tip on models so I am a little partial to them even though I haven't been broadcasting on there lately. I also like that I have made tokens without camming just for getting some -ups, and a few guys I chat with sometimes randomly decide to give me tokens to thank me for chatting with them. There's a lot more to chaturbate than meets the eye. I'm kind of glad it's considered a joke site by some models, less competition for me for when I go back But seriously, I have noticed them making some changes to move in the right direction, such as finally requiring age verification documentation.

Last edited by Snowy0Star; at AM. When I see all the free loaders left or a good portion of them I ban who ever is left then turn my cam on again. If I cant get I put my bra back on and tell them it will come back off when were half way to naked goal my naked goal is double my topless goal so it makes easy for me If I have to put my top back I give it another 15 min then put this message in The tips stopped and so am I thank you to the few generous gents I did have today. On MFC I start my oil show and taking tips for certain body parts to be oiled and the tips go to a shower show goal as soon as I'm naked.

If your wondering why Im doing oil shows not cum shows its because I'd feel cheap and dirty doing one for less then tokens maybe I'd do but no less then if the oil shows stop bringing me tips so I'm holding off until my fan base is big enuf and I can get that much for one. Last edited by Snowy0Star; at PM. Re: The Chaturbate Thread I just got verified for Chaturbate so this will be super interesting to follow. Just have to see where it goes and I'll follow your tips! Re: The Chaturbate Thread Something weird is happening, I posted on here but it didn't bump the thread or count to my posts.

So uh, let me try again I guess. Re: The Chaturbate Thread Okay, having experimented with Chaturbate I've noticed a few things that made sessions successful. We're all awesome and beautiful and we're out to make each of us a profit and to meet our goals. When the three of us are in one room together we manage to make more money a lot more quickly. You can make someone or someones a mod in your room and users can check out each other's profiles via their screen name. THEN because you can also tip with the tokens you've earned, we tip each other all the time and it incites the guys to tip more.

On one hand they find it hot that a girl is watching, commenting, and tipping but at the same time they seem to not want to be outdone by a lady typically lol The guys that are one girl's regulars ends up being all of our regulars because we interact with each other so much and take shifts. As one girl leaves, the guys follow to the next wolf pack room and the cycle begins again. My girls and I have become token hungry she-wolves lol Sometimes all three of us just bully guys and humiliate the subs into tipping big, we can always so easily sniff them out somehow They spin the wheel for 25 tokens and they get some kind of prize or penalty.

It typically gets them talking and we have more fun! One of my penalties is that I sing one verse of a song I'm an awful singer. So it really pays to get creative with it and not be afraid to laugh at yourself every once in awhile lol There's lots of apps to play with, see which one's are the most popular for you. Last edited by MarleyCat; at AM. Re: The Chaturbate Thread. Originally Posted by CassieHeart. Re: The Chaturbate Thread I love Chaturbate i'v just been to afraid to say anything good about it here lol.

I think its good we have a thread about it now. Re: The Chaturbate Thread I'm so confused by it. How do you get ed up to cam and get verified? I can't find it, but then again maybe that's my fried brains from being up like 30 hours.. Re: The Chaturbate Thread god i forgot let me make a new ill use my online gaming please hold Look under the broadcasting interface where you're cam screen is do you see the link that says submit age verification? The letters are highlighted in sky blue. If you click on that it takes you away from the broadcasting interface and to a where you submit the normal stuff ID paperwork etc to be able to prove your over 18 and start getting tokens.

Re: The Chaturbate Thread great thread snowy one day i will get more into token based sites but for now it's difficult for me, i admire all girls who can tame them! Originally Posted by qurl. Re: The Chaturbate Thread Thanks, going to check it out now. Originally Posted by Snowy0Star. Originally Posted by Brilynne. Re: The Chaturbate Thread Some useful emoticons: min a 20 minutes countdown. Originally Posted by laurielegs. I'm one of the ones who bashed the hell out of it when it first was brought up in here.

There were several reasons - 1 was the fact that they were not requiring age documentation. Big problem!!! They have worked on the site now, changed a lot of things and now they do require age docs. Re: The Chaturbate Thread One of my custies mentioned last night that exhibitionists also must be age verified as he is one.

I'm not entirely sure though. Since I'm on Chaturbate a little more regularly now to take a break from SM I've started giving my boys more incentive to tip me. It seemed like guys were just coming in my room, sitting there, and as usual! If 30 - 40 minutes goes by and hardly anyone is talking or tipping but I have more than 50 people in my room I start making threats to kick a gray every 30 seconds until someone tips me something.

It has worked every single time. My regulars already know I'm a hard ass and I don't like begging, whining, or rude people in my room. I'll typically make one of them a mod for me but I only let that domme side out of me when I know those fuckers are fapping away to my tits and not saying a damn thing. After that I'm sweet and my highest tippers all have little pet names that I call them by on cam.

I've noticed that it tends to make my other customers jealous but then they battle each other to see who can tip the most sometimes lol. The rest of you are limp dick bitches. It's given me a reason to not be lazy and take more pics to sell on Chaturbate and MGF PLUS the boys seem to really enjoy the prizes I give them since I don't have hardly anything listed in Chaturbate store yet.

I'm going to have use some of these tactics in MFC also but Chaturbate has been great practice for me on getting income on a token site. I'm learning a lot! And I'm learning that being a little arrogant and mean is working for me xD. Last Jump to :. Similar Thre is your birthday on chaturbate a real one? By Dorothea in forum Camming Connection. Replies: 1 Last Post: , AM. By AndyR in forum Industry Insight.

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