Milk fetish

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Their marketing featured a series of nude, digitally milk-clad women in retro pin-up poses, which, following a Twitterstorm of accusations of regressive, hypersexualised marketing, they subsequently pulled. This recent campaign mimics in its rhetoric of excess the US milk marketing model of the s. At this time, too, faced with declining demand, milk marketers poured an unprecedented amount of money into the promotion of milk consumption. This was preferable to propping up the milk-producing part of the agricultural industry with controversial subsidies, but the marketing boards concerned were in fact arms of the state.

Milk have been historically closely connected to state policy, concerned with keeping its dairy farming industry always at risk of oversupply afloat and profitable. Milk marketing, allied to other forms of public health promotion, deluged the consuming public with the spectacle of health-giving white fluid. What is milk? Milk has also served as a symbol of welfare, a panacea to poverty and poor health: between and the UK government issued all schoolchildren with a free daily milk ration.

Milk, that most banal of substances, penetrates our economies, identities, and sexuality to the very bone. Historically the church policed the science and symbolism of milk. First-century writings by Clement of Alexandria, one of the earliest Church Fathers, reveal an astonishing co-opting of maternal milk into biblical doctrine.

Milk appears, too, in late medieval iconography, where the exemplary mother —Mary — and her exemplary milk together form a subject known as the Galaktotrophousa or the Madonna del Latte. A deep ambivalence surrounds these depictions, which mingle nurture and the erotic, service and power. Early modern theories continue the appropriation of this female fluid, albeit androgynously, and equate not only blood but semen with milk. Conventional representations of lactation in literature develop a discourse which admits and reinforces the increasingly gendered dimensions of milk.

Suck, little babe, oh suck again! It cools my blood; it cools my brain;. Thy lips I feel them, baby! Draw from my heart the pain away. The mingling of power and service, nurture and eros, remains in circulation. To this currency Wordsworth adds hysteria that putatively feminine affliction and malignant, lunacy-inducing milk which must be drawn off like pus from a wound.

Other bodily fluids, whether blood, saliva, semen, or urine, are not commodified to the same extent as milk, which doubles as excretion and highly lucrative good, breaching the borders between human body and commodity. Kleinian psychoanalysis takes the mother, and more specifically the breast, to be the site of a radical breakdown of borders. She writes in white ink. Of retractable nipples. Black as his is mine. Our milk fetish is the victim of its own excess. The milk lakes of EU Common Agricultural Policy, whose milk quotas incidentally expired in April , repeat themselves.

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Milk fetish

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